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The metal coating is largely widespread in contemporary architecture. The chosen material et the adoption of more or less transparent panels give a different perception of volumes...

SchiavettiAdTech: trasparenze in architettura

Interior Design

Steel is a living, resistant, eternal and plastic material that meets the strength and aesthetic requirements with endless creative opportunities...


Industry is the main market of the company. Both the products and the solutions described are largely used and applied...

Company policy and certifications

Company policy

Supply our customers with quality products, that meet their requirements as to times, quantity and costs is the purpose of Schiavetti Lamiere Forate.

Safety at work, ethics of the relationship with the personnel and of the productive chain are as important as the final product quality and our customers’ satisfaction. So they must not be interpreted as prescriptive fulfilments but as a right behaviour for the observance of the peoples’ natural rights.